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Tax Planning

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Tax Planning Services in Reseda & Pomona

Every individual and business owner should strive to implement an intelligent and effective tax strategy. However, achieving that goal is not always easy, particularly given the inconsistent and frequently confusing U.S. tax laws. Our accountants at Ma Sierra Tax are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and always up to date on the most recent federal and state tax laws in the United States.


Since 1992, our company has used its excellent organizational skills and methods designed to maximize our clients’ tax returns to assist individuals and business owners in making sense of this overly complicated process.

Why is Tax Planning Important?

We organize our clients’ finances to reduce their tax liabilities as part of our tax planning process. Our accountants have a track record of success and dependability. They assist both individuals and businesses in lowering their tax obligations while shortening the time required for tax preparation and planning. It’s crucial to understand the distinction between business and personal tax planning. Within each service, there are different categories of tax planning strategies:

Personal Tax Planning Services Offered at Ma Sierra Tax:

  • Income tax planning
  • Retirement tax planning
  • Inheritance tax planning

Business Tax Planning Services Offered at Ma Sierra Tax:

  • Corporate tax planning
  • Offshore tax planning
  • International tax planning

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Personal Tax Planning Strategies

Strategies for personal tax planning are more complicated than one might imagine. To best optimize your financial situation and pay the least amount of taxes, proper, well-considered tax planning is required. All people who contact Ma Sierra Tax accountants for assistance or advice have access to our tax planning services. We take care to comprehend the precise aims and purposes they seek to fulfill. With this knowledge, our accountants offer our clients cutting-edge tax planning guidance and suggestions, enabling them to reduce their tax-related expenses year after year.


Small Business Tax Planning Strategies

When small business owners visit Ma Sierra Tax, they are aware that we provide a real partnership in helping to pave the way for the success of their enterprise. Our accountants are proactive and have a natural intuition for small business owners’ needs and objectives. Ma Sierra Tax is there to keep your company current and your tax liability low as tax laws change and develop.

Small Business Tax Planning offered at Ma Sierra Tax:

  • State & Local Tax Return Preparation
  • Property Tax Return Preparation
  • International Taxation

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